The Roundtable for Product Social Metrics welcomes two new members

Since September 2017 ArcelorMittal and Corbion joined as full members of the Roundtable, which has led to a futher strengthening of the steel and chemical sector. By being a member they practice the methodology by application in real cases and are contributing to further development of the methodology.

Anne-Laure Hettinger, Head of Global R&D Sustainability Department phrases the motivation of ArcelorMittal to join the Roundtable as follows:

“The key mission of our team is to support the continuous sustainability progress of ArcelorMittal’s products and processes. This means assessing their environmental profile, and also understanding their positive or negative impact on society”.

At Corbion Diana Visser (Sustainability Director) has the following motivation to collaborate in this initiative:

To enable our customer to make conscious choices, we will assess both the environmental and the social impacts of our products and work side by side with them to substantiate sustainability claims. To be able to do this, a credible methodology to measure social impacts along the value chain is essential.”

Drives of the different members of the Roundtable can differ,  however everybody has the same intention to improve the lives of workers, users and local communities by better insights that enables more balanced decision making.

The whole list of members, their profiles and more information can be found in our About Us.