Supporting partner

  • Entry level: understand the principles and potential benefits
  • Get 3 hours onboarding training
  • Get 6 hours support
  • Interact with all other partners in various meetings

Becoming a supporting partner

Supporting partner will get deeper knowledge and learn about the benefits of the social impact measurements. They get an individual 3 hour on-boarding training and 5 hours support to discuss the potential benefits, applications, business case and challenges for social activities in relation to the sector the partner operates in.

A key benefit is that you will meet other Supporting partners as well as the core and active partners in general meetings in March, June and November. Learning from each other has proven to be inspirational and rewarding.

PRé Sustainability will develop a short report with such challenges and opportunities by the end of the year. Supporting partners will have meetings with other partners to learn and share ideas.

Tell me more

My company would like to understand the benefits and obligations of joining the Partnership for Product Social Impact Assessment. Please contact me.