Product social metrics “status quo” in China

by Weiwen Zhong, January 2017

pic1China shares nearly 1/4 of the global manufacturing output by value and makes almost half of the world’s goods. It plays a crucial role in the global supply chain and the global market.

Many organizations in China, as well as the Chinese government, are trying to develop relevant standards for the company social responsibility practices. It is of vital importance to have an overview of the current development in the companies’ social responsibility practices and assessment scheme in China, to discover the potentials and barriers of promoting products social impact assessment in this land.

One of the research questions will be whether the current Roundtable Product Social Metrics can be used in the Chinese context, and to what extent can the relevant Chinese organizations and the Roundtable learn from each other.

If you are curious about how the Chinese companies evaluate their social impact of their products, and if you are interested in the current development of company social responsibility practices in China, please contact us.