Phase 5 of the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics

After the successful Forum on June 26th 2017 in Amsterdam the Roundtable has focussed this phase on updating the handbook and the methodology. During three meetings, of which the first was in the headquarters of Solvay in Brussel (November 2017), the second in Amersfoort and the third one at ArcelorMittal in Paris (March 2018members worked together in  fruitful and constructive discussions.


A new stakeholder group (smallholders) was added. The five Capitals (Natural, Human, Social, Financial, Manufactured) were included as a bases for the revised social topic list and the Theory of Change was included as a base for the reference scales. In addition, linkages were made to Circular Economy. An update can be found in this slide-set.


The new handbook, with the new Framework will be launched during the S-LCA Conference in Pescara in September 2018.


The handbook includes the updated list of social topics, the description of inter-dependencies and the qualitative assessment approach will be outlined. Furthermore, new case studies will be published.