Active partner

  • Learn by performing your first case study
  • Get 12 hours in-depth training
  • Get 12 hours support
  • Interact with all other partners in various meetings

Start your first case-study

Active partners get an extensive 12 hours onboarding training in order to understand the metrics and the procedures described in the handbook, such as the materiality assessment the availability of data sources, and the suggested procedures for hotspot identification and impact assessment.

Exercises during the training will help you to describe the goals and scope as well as the data collection strategy of the first case study you would like to execute.

PRé will also provide 12 hours helpdesk support after the training; this also includes reviewing and providing access to some of the databases described in the Handbook.

A key benefit is that you will meet other Active partners as well as the Core partners in general meetings in March, June and November. Learning from each other has proven to be inspirational and rewarding.

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