Social impacts are becoming more and more relevant for companies as a differentiator and business driver.

Since 2013 around 20 companies have developed and tested the Handbook for product social metrics and supporting reports. This Handbook has become the de facto standard for companies that look for a credible, science based, yet pragmatic approach. Anyone can download and apply the Handbook.

After 7 years the Roundtable members are transforming itself into a partnership, embracing any company that wants to understand the social impacts of their brands, product groups or individual products

The entry level Supporting Partnership, provides direct access to support and your peers. At this level we do not yet go into all the details with the methodology, but we help you to understand the potential business case when learning and adopting this approach.

When you already ready to embrace the methodology the Active partnership provides in depth training and supports you while executing your first case study. We believe in learning by doing.

The third level Core Partnership is reserved for the current roundtable members, but will also be open to active partners when they have completed their first Case study.

Supporting partner

  • Entry level: understand the principles and potential benefits
  • Get 3 hours onboarding training
  • Get 6 hours support
  • Interact with all other partners in various meetings

Active partner

  • Learn by performing your first case study
  • Get 12 hours in-depth training
  • Get 12 hours support
  • Interact with all other partners in various meetings

Core partner

  • Provide governance for the partnership
  • Work on methodology updates and on implementation manuals
  • Currently only available for former roundtable members; in future also for active members

Want to know which partnership level would suit you best? Do not hesitate to contact us.