Recently the fifth iteration of the Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment and an updated methodology was released. The companies invest in this because addressing the social impacts along the lifecycle is somewhat as a next frontier. They realise it can provide real business value and support innovation in a new way.

This 1,5 days training aims to provide you with all the insights about product social metrics you need. The objective is to enable you to apply this handbook in a first case study.

Together we will dive into topics such as:

  • Key differences between environmental and social LCA
  • Understanding social topics (or impact categories)
  • Developing your goal and scope and the concept of materiality
  • Getting access to data to identify hotspots
  • Getting data to assess the hotspots.

The overall focus of this training is to get you going in a first case study, as ultimately the best way of learning and remembering is by doing.