On-boarding Phase 7!

The current phase 6 of the Product Social Metrics Roundtable will come to an end at the LCM conference in Poznan in September. We are planning to release a series of new case studies based on the 2018 Handbook and a first part of the implementation guide. See also the Forum announcement.

So far it seems that almost all members will continue in the next phase of the Roundtable, but we do open a few seats for companies, that have an established track record on social metrics in the value chain. They are welcome to join new activities, including sharing experiences, perform more (joint) cases, the development of impact valuation and further development of the implementation guide. If you are interested, please contact us. 

For companies who do not have such a track record, we offer trainings, in-house workshops and provide guidance with the first case study. After a thorough case study has been completed, companies can become a member of the Roundtable.