Member’s meeting Block III

Members of the PSM Roundtable reunited in the Parkcafé Groen to discuss the results of the 4th Phase and start to plan the coming Phase 5, where companies will commit for 3 years.

Two of the main topics of the day were the update of the method, with the addition of small holder farmers and the use of new tools for data collection. The first, included questions to be solved and how to face known challenges by integrating new elements to improve the methodology of the Handbook. For example, by including the Theory of Change or focus more in positive impacts rather than risk assessment.

In addition BASF shared more information on analysis on country basis with databases such as RiskRep and Maplecroft.

New cooperation channels were also discussed by the members, such as the integration of the method with other initiatives. One example is engagement with the  Social LC Alliance with whom the roundtable will participate in the 6th International Conference on Social LCA: People & Places for Partnership to be held in Pescara between the 10 and 12 of September 2018.

Additionally, an academic review Board will be formed were Prof. dr. Marzia Traverso will be part of.

The members actively worked on the planning of the activities for the 5th phase, which will include the further refining of the method, developing case studies for other sectors, linking the method with other approaches such as the Circular Economy and the Sustainable Development Goals and working with other NGOs and Academia.

At the moment there is room for new members in Phase 5. If you are interested to know more about this please contact us.