As a global chemical company, LG Chem has established broad portfolio in petrochemicals, advanced materials and biotechnology. We are rapidly developing distinguished materials for the electronic equipment and the automotive industry that are instrumental in the e-Mobility and sustainability trends. LG Chem contributes to a more sustainable development, providing post-consumer recycled plastics, biomass balance products and applying renewable energy.

LG Chem pursues sustainable innovation based on 『Sustainability Vision』, which includes customer, environment and social value throughout its business activities. LG Chem will continue to lead forward for a better future of our earth and living based on ESG management.

“Helping to make our environment more sustainable is central what we do at LG Chem. For instance, our batteries for the EVs and Post-Consumer recycled (PCR) plastics for the Automotive and IT OEMs contribute to significant CO2 reduction which helps to make our planet greener.

In 2020 we declared our new vision at a corporate level to include sustainability as one of our five core values. Moreover, our CEO HC Shin committed our company to carbon neutral growth and RE100 by 2050, a first for a Korean chemical company.

With growing importance of ESG in the business community, we are excited to learn from and collaborate with the Core Partners to better understand the social impact in producing our products. After such learning, we look forward to not only making our operations more sustainable and socially responsible but also to share with our customers, partners and other stakeholders to do the same.”


Steven Kim, Senior Vice President, Engineering Materials Division Leader