US Forum on Product Social Impact Measurement


Learn from the experienced!

A group of multi- industry leading companies joined efforts to create a pragmatic methodology that is feasible, understandable and applicable for different sectors. This approach for Social Product Assessment was applied on several real case studies. Insights from the different pilots resulted in the identification of the following added value:

  • Makes social impact of products measurable and visibleSteelcase-ULC-07
  • Allows comparing the social performance of the life-cycle stages
  • Allows future comparison with other products in a category group
  • Identifies opportunities to improve social performance along the life cycle

We would like to share these experiences with you during this Forum meeting.


10.30 am | WelcomeSteelcase-ULC-02

11.00 am | Introduction to the  Product Social metrics roundtable; what it is and why companies are contributing

11.30 am | Introduction round, all companies are asked to present in 5 minutes what they see as the way forward, their challenges and possible successes

12.30 pm | Lunch and networking

1.30 pm | Two company cases, and what we can learn from this

3.15 pm | What is next? Can we design a US based Satellite roundtable? What would make it attractive for you to join?

3.45 pm | Wrap up and goodbye

4.00 pm | End

The forum is meant for corporate sustainability, CSR and LCA experts. There will be no costs involved for participation. You are however requested to register before March 22nd.


When: April 10th, 2017

Location: Steelcase Headquarters, Grand Rapids

Steelcase address: 901 44th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508

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