Corbion’s “Creating sustainable growth” strategy aims to create a positive impact by growing our business in sustainable ingredient solutions to improve the quality of life for people today and for future generations. To achieve this ambition, we integrated sustainability in our business processes and have defined initiatives to ensure that our sustainable solutions are based on responsibly sourced raw materials, efficient processing and safe working conditions for our people.

Our food ingredients help keeping food fresh and safe from production until consumption, which reduces food waste and makes food accessible and affordable. We also offer solutions for healthier food, such as our algea oils, which contain an extremely low level of saturated fat.

Our biochemicals and bioplastics support the transition to a circular economy by offering an alternative for fossil-based resources, with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, toxicity, and waste generation.

To enable our customer to make conscious choices, we will assess both the environmental and the social impacts of our products and work side by side with them to substantiate sustainability claims. To be able to do this, a credible methodology to measure social impacts along the value chain is essential.

Diana Visser, Sustainability Director Corbion