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Annette van Waning

Head of CSR & Impact Vebego Int. | Director Vebego Foundation

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Social Impact matters! As a family owned company Vebego knows best how important people are: People are our business. Because we employ over 36.000 people, because all our customers are people and because we are a service company. For over 70 years Vebego knows that you only can be successful if you make the combination between economic values and social values. In our sustainability program (which we started in 2008) we developed our own CSR model set People as the main target. We developed tools for measuring meaningful work, started programs to prevent employees from debt problems and of course continued education for employees in the field of cleaning, facility management, green keeping. One of our business lines is employing people with a distance to the labour market and nowadays we employ over 6.000 persons and give them a more meaningful life.

In 2016 we started developing our Impact Program. WHY? That was the main question. It is Vebego’s mission is to vitalize work and care, and because it is our ambition to realize and increase our social impact. We want to measure our social impact and state our stories with the facts. We are working on this program together with the Erasmus University and align our impact to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

The reason to join the Round Table for Product Social Metrics is that we want to learn from other companies in this developing field and want to share our insights on the People agenda.

Annette van Waning, Head of CSR & Director of Vebego Foundation
"There is always a social impact!"
Annette van Waning, Head of CSR & Director of Vebego Foundation