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Dominique Debecker
Sustainable Portfolio Management Officer
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Solvay is convinced that innovative chemistry holds solutions for future generations.

Throughout its history, the Group has continuously and successfully transformed itself in order to confront immediate challenges, with a view to securing the best possible future for its employees, its businesses, the planet and the society at large.

For us, “Asking more from Chemistry” means responsible success in the way we act, innovate and create value for society.

Solvay Way is our management system to the highest sustainability standards. It integrates social, environmental and economic aspects in the company operational and strategic processes with regards to all stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, local communities and society at large). It takes into account society changing expectations, requiring industry to develop new technologies, processes, products, applications and services in order to balance economic growth and sustainability.

Through its materiality analysis, Solvay has defined five priority areas and set ambitious targets for 2025, including on social aspects:



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Dominique Debecker, Sustainable Portfolio Management Officer
“Understand how shared value is mirrored in Financial, Social and Environmental Capitals is nowadays of primary importance for companies. Joining the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics coalition is a unique opportunity for Solvay to share and gain expertise on social metrics, which will elevate our proprietary Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) tool to the next level. Reliable but accessible information is the necessary compass for decision makers to take more robust business decisions.”
Dominique Debecker, Sustainable Portfolio Management Officer