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Thomas Andro
Corporate Sustainable Development
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Our ambition, at Solvay, is to build a new model of sustainable chemistry to provide solutions to the society’s challenges. “Asking more from Chemistry” means responsible success in the way we act, innovate and provide value for society and the future generations.

Our objective is to create more future for all our stakeholders (customers, employees, communities, investors, suppliers and the planet at large).

Through our materiality analysis, we have defined five priority areas and set ambitious targets for 2025, including on social aspects:


Thomas Andro, Corporate Sustainable Development
The notion that no business can succeed in a failed society is gradually gaining ground among business leaders globally.

Being member of the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics coalition is a unique opportunity for Solvay to share and gain expertise on social capital. We do want to provide our decision makers with reliable and accessible information including on the social impacts so they can take better business decisions because being more sustainable. It makes our strategy more robust and adds value in the key business, innovation and investment decisions.

Let us continue the journey to a better business and a better world, developing sustainable and differentiated offer.
Thomas Andro, Corporate Sustainable Development