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Uday Gupta
Managing Director, Mahindra Sanyo Special Steel
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We are a specialty steel manufacturer in India and our steel is produced through the electric arc furnace route mainly using recycled steel scrap. We serve various industrial segments: automobile and bearings, railways, engineering, oil, gas and mining, and wind energy,

As a corporation, we see a large opportunity to drive positive change for all our stakeholders. By making every aspect of our business sustainable, we re-affirm our commitment to a better world. We want to conduct our business consciously and responsibly. In everything we do, we ensure that we Rise for good.

For us, sustainability means not only the conservation of the environment, but also the wellbeing of all our stakeholders. This is integral part of our business, and a defining driver on our road to long-term profitability. Its entails financial growth and profit, and responsibility towards communities and stakeholders, giving back, good governance, ethical practices, and respecting the law of the land.


“To be the most admired, successful, and socially responsible special steel manufacturer in India by 2019”

Uday Gupta, Managing Director
“Being able to measure the social impact of our products will provide us with knowledge and means greater to de-risk our supply chain. As a part of the long term strategy of the company to be socially admirable this is one of the major commitments we carry. Product social impact assessment will help us to act logically for continuous improvement and betterment of our people and the society at large.”
Uday Gupta, Managing Director
Mahindra Sanyo