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Quarterly Newsletter- November 2020: Launch of new Handbook-2020!


This November the Roundtable published the fifth iteration of the Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment. In this last iteration better linkages are made with international standards and definitions. The focus of this update is on a revision of the social topics, performance indicators and reference scales, which can now be found in a separate Social Topics Report. Another  new feature is the provision of many links to datasources, that can be used for the Hotspot identification step. To accelerate the use of these improved metrics we gladly offer the option to download the different reports via the button below.


On December 10th at 3 pm CET we would like to welcome you to a webinar to update you on the revisions and dive further into the improvements. We hope to see you there! Please register below!


Join the online course “Application of Product Social Metrics into your Business" – January 2021

To help companies understand product social metrics and start applying them in a case study, we organise a training course focused on the Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment. The training will be conducted by Mark Goedkoop and Rosan Harmens. We offer the course on the following dates (with  4-hour sessions each day):

  • January 19, 21, 26.

We invite you to reserve a seat and look forward to seeing you online!


Next phase of the Roundtable starts in March 2021

The Roundtable started in 2013. Since then more than 20 companies worked together in the development of a pragmatic and robust methodology to assess social impacts in value chains. As of March 2021 we are changing the Roundtable format into a Partnership structure. This new partnership offers various levels of engagement for companies that want to explore this rapidly developing area. New partners will be offered a private on-boarding training and are supported while performing their first case-study. If you are interested please contact us to hear more!

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Application of the PSIA Framework on a circular case study

The application of the Framework for Product Social Impact Assessment is continuously growing. Recently, PRé did a case study for Excess Materials Exchange (EME). EME is a young company that facilitates the transition towards the circular economy by giving new destinations to waste streams or products that others may find unusable. EME understands that value is not only environmental and economic. There is also social value to be found in reusing products and materials. By giving insights into social impacts, EME wants to provide their customers with a holistic view on sustainability.

Read more about how the PSIA Framework was applied on two case studies: one for orange peels, and one for railway tracks.

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