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Newsletter Summer 2020: Social metrics – Learn from the experienced!


Learn from the experienced!

In this newsletter we present two examples of how companies use, apply and implement product social metrics. We also present a pilot on impact valuation.


Learn from the experienced!

How BASF applies datatools

Currently the Roundtable members are further developing the experience with datatools.  During the S-LCA Conference in Gotenburg BASF presented  the experience with several of these datatools e.g., Maplecroft, Reprisk, and Ecovadis. These datatools are used to determine and assess hotspots in the value chains. By  doing this several scenarios for production can be evaluated and compared. A video explaining this can be seen here:  SEEbalance Methodology and the use of data tools.

DSM: implementation of product social metrics

When companies start with implementing product social metrics they might initiate first  an (ad-hoc) case-study. A series of such studies might lead the company to a formalized stage when procedures and responsibilities within the organization are described and aligned with the relevant stakeholders. This stage is described in a case-study report by DSM, that can be downloaded here (or you can also watch this video presentation).


A natural step after the "formalize stage"  is for the company to measure and set targets on product social metrics as part of the product portfolio. The development of the capabilities in four different stages  is described in a capability maturity matrix, that was developed by the Roundtable members. The PSM- Capability Maturity Matrix is described in the Implementation Guide, that can be downloaded here and also a video describing the implementation process of product social metrics in a company can be viewed here.



Pilot project on using the Handbook for simplified Impact Valuations

Impact Valuation aims to measure the sustainability performance of a product or intervention in monetary terms (see for instance this blog post). This allows the grouping of many different impacts (e.g. environmental and social impacts).  Financial impacts are also much easier to understand than complex scientific indicators for a non-expert audience. Impact valuation studies should not replace comprehensive assessments, but can complement them, and facilitate communication.


The Roundtable participated together with CIRAIG in a pilot to investigate the use of the Handbook for impact valuations.


On this topic a presentation was given during the  S-LCA Conference was given. Please view the video here.


How to engage with the Roundtable




If you would like to know more about the work of the RT you can download all the published material for free from our website.


We also accomodate ( in-house) on-line trainings, provide help-desk support for case studies and host application roundtables around a first case study.


If you have already some experience with social metrics there is the option to join the core Roundtable.We expect that Phase 8 will start in November 2020.


Please contact us to engage!

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