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Newsletter from the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics


Training | How to apply Product Social Metrics in business

March 25-26 in Amersfoort, the Netherlands

This highly interactive 1,5 days training aims to provide you with all the insights about product social metrics you need. The overall focus of this training is to get you going in a first case study, as ultimately the best way of learning and remembering is by doing.

Together we will dive into topics such as:

  • Key differences between environmental and social LCA
  • Understanding social topics (or impact categories)
  • Developing your goal and scope and the concept of materiality
  • Getting access to data to identify hotspots
  • Getting data to assess the hotspots
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Download the new Handbook and Methodology Report!

In September 2018, the Roundtable members presented the fourth iteration of the Handbook during the Social LCA conference in Pescara, Italy. This conference brought together many researchers, businesspeople and policymakers, including high-level representatives of the EU: DG-GROW. The Handbook and the Methodology Report can be downloaded.

Download the Handbook

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Phase 6 of the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics

After the successful Launch of the Handbook in September 2018, almost all Roundtable members of Phase 5 decided to continue the cooperation in Phase 6.  In Phase 6 the members will focus on the application of the updates in the 2018 Handbook in case-studies. The learnings will be bundled in an implementation guide that will be published in September 2019. The first meeting of Phase 6 was held on January 15th and 16th, 2019 at the German headquarters of Nestlé in Frankfurt. The next meeting will be on April 8 and 9th and will be hosted by BASF.


We are very glad that we can continue the Roundtable with very committed innovative companies from different industry sectors. The value of working together on continuous improvement and development of the methodology and sharing experiences in an open atmosphere is what keeps these companies together!

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Small but Complex: Integrating Smallholders as fourth stakeholder group

In the 2018 Handbook a new stakeholder group “Smallholders” (small-scale entrepreneurs) was integrated. Smallholders are responsible for circa 85% of the world’s agriculture and are a crucial part of agriculture supply chains for many agri-food businesses.


Linking Product Life Cycle Assessment to SDGs

A project is underway, led by PRé Consultants in Amersfoort and 2.-0 LCA consultants in Denmark, to develop clear linkages between the top-down process that led to the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals and all the bottom-up knowledge, data and methodology in Life Cycle Sustainability Assessments. This would allow businesses to better relate their decisions to the SDGs, based on data and metrics.  The project is funded by the UNEP Life Cycle initiative.

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