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Forum: Towards implementation of Product Social Metrics

LCM-Poznan: September 2nd., 2019 : 5.00-7.00 p.m.

In phase 6 the companies of the Roundtable have worked on an Implementation Guide, that helps companies to implement product social metrics in your organisation and guides you on how to develop from ad- hoc cases to more advanced levels. During the Forum this new guide will be presented and several major companies will share their experiences with performing a case and the use of data tools e.g., for hotspot identification. There will also be time to ask questions and discuss.

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Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment

There is growing societal recognition that companies are accountable for their entire supply chain, downstream and upstream. As a result, the need to investigate and give visibility to all potential and actual social impacts throughout the product life cycle has become an increasingly important value driver for companies in relation to sustainability. One of the challenges is to make product social impacts visible and measurable throughout the value chain. The Roundtable for Product Social Metrics, a multi-industry group of market-leading companies,has taken up this challenge to develop and test a pragmatic methodology that assesses the social impact of products. Read more about the business value of the product social impact assessment method.

The Roundtable

The Roundtable for Product Social Metrics is a business-led initiative dedicated to developing and disseminating the Product Social Impact Assessment method, designed to make the social benefits and burdens of a product visible. The Roundtable aims to create a standard framework for Product Social Impact Assessment, in close cooperation with external stakeholders such as academia, NGOs, governments and industry organisations. Read more about the project and how to become a member.

Uday Gupta, Managing Director
“Being able to measure the social impact of our products will provide us with knowledge and means greater to de-risk our supply chain. As a part of the long term strategy of the company to be socially admirable this is one of the major commitments we carry. Product social impact assessment will help us to act logically for continuous improvement and betterment of our people and the society at large.”
Uday Gupta, Managing Director
Mahindra Sanyo

Download the Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment

  • Applicable to every sector and region
  • Practical and feasible for organizations
  • Makes both positive and negative impacts visible and measurable
  • Developed in collaboration with industry experts

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